3 Pleasure Palette

“The essence of art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.” ~ Dale Carnegie 

Welcome to the Pleasure Palette… My desire is that we will find our dance here.

Sensual Bathing & Tantra Bodywork Ceremony ~ a delicious full body pleasure-focused time that begins with slipping into a sensuous hot candlelit bath filled with aromatic herbs and healing oils. You will then be lovingly caressed skin to skin and head to toe. This sacred ceremony nourishes and delights through offering you loving, sensual, full-body touch with a taste of Tantra practices including guided meditation, erotic breathing exercises for expanding orgasm and increasing the energy of pleasure in the body. Wonderful for first timers and those curious about Tantra.

90 minutes $350

Bodywork only 75 minutes $300

Tantra Root Chakra Ceremony ~ Healing and loving touch to the prostate can open deep portals of pleasure and increase overall health and vitality of the male pelvis. The Prostate is often referred to in Taoism as the Million dollar spot. Attention and exploration in this area has the possibility to free energy blocks, stagnation and to open one to ever deeper layers and levels of intense pleasure. Includes a sensual bathing ceremony with aromatic herbs and healing oils followed by sensuous whole body touch.

90 minutes $350

Tantra Lover’s Ceremony

This ceremony focuses on the sacred art of touching and being touched and explores the art of conscious giving and receiving pleasure. In this beautiful shared touch ceremony, we will explore how the body’s pleasure map unfolds and how to stay present to heightened arousal without expectations and to savor in witnessing the unfolding of another’s pleasure.

2 Hours $525

Dark Tantra / Fantasy ~ for the sensual adventurer to explore the inner taboos, I adore supporting your sensual explorations involving different archetypes including domination and fantasy role play that include power dynamics and service. I will hold a tender, compassionate and loving space for you to try on the hidden desires of your soul and love open your inner taboos. I celebrate you in embodying and experiencing the hidden desires of your soul.

$325 1 hour

$450 90 minutes

Tantra on the Town ~ Do you need someone to explore and share the art of pleasure with on the town, over dinner or a weekend away? Or are you interested in going to a Tantra workshop or play party but need a date? I offer sacred Tantra  companionship for such occasions. Please inquire with your desires and your details.