6 Etiquette

Your patronage is my pleasure. Here are a few things to consider before contacting me and during our time together…

Manners ~ Call me old fashioned, decorum and good manners are always something I have appreciated and that bring me great pleasure. It is my desire that all of our encounters be held in mutual respect and with discretion. Our time together is organic and a reflection of exploring and creating from the energy between us.  I do not discuss anything of an explicit nature over the phone or email and do not enjoy review sites. Anything eluding to illegal activity and explicit requests will end our time interacting with each other.

Energy Exchange ~ My requested love offerings are for my time and the quality of energy we share. Treat yourself to life’s pleasures. My love offerings are not negotiable. Please present me your love offering in the first five minutes of our time together in a place where I can see it. You can present me with a gift envelope, greeting card or a favorite book or you’d like me to read – I always love a good book, especially one that tells me about who you are and what moves your soul. Your love offering is an energy exchange for my time only. Anything else is a private artistic creation between two consenting adults.

Time – Punctuality is expected and appreciated. Likewise, I am not a clock watcher but will complete our time together efficiently to honor our commitments we have in other areas of our life. If you are going to be late, please be in communication with me.

24 hours notice lovingly requested when scheduling, though you’re always welcome to try your luck.