1 About Isadora


 Tantric Artist & Sacred Companion

TemptationI am a Tantric Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Sexuality here to support you in awakening to bliss through the senses of these holy bodies we have been gifted.  I am a channel of all of the feminine archetypes of sexuality, beauty and pleasure and delight in helping others explore all aspects and expressions of their sexuality.

Conscious pleasure is a sacred art. My pleasure is to shake you out of any routine you have around experiencing pleasure and to expand the possibilities for pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I am here to open you to the possibility that pleasure is an art that can be divinely inspired by the moment and each other. Our bodies are vessels for pleasure and we are here to consciously experience the sensuous dance of pleasure in our lives.

My Background ~ I have a university degree, graduated magna cum laude and had a highly successful ritual, coaching and professional performance life for over a decade in New York City. I teach sexuality workshops around the world and offer retreats for individuals and couples who want to transform themselves through the Tantric path.

I enjoy art and pleasure in all aspects of my life including travel, fine dining, spiritual and creative retreats, theatre, fashion, music, and great literature. I deeply enjoy the art of inspiring and intimate conversation and as a pleasure artist I am always curious what truly gives one pleasure and moves one’s soul.