This traditional dating convention kills great sex!

romantic-dinnerWhy one of the most conventional social dating customs that kills great sex:

You’ve all done it. That ‘oh so traditional’ social dating convention that is supposed to lead setting the mood.

Thinking you’re following the perfect script.

Taking your date out to a delicious sushi dinner, throw back a few sakes and split a green tea ice cream, or that delicious steak dinner with two martinis and then catching an Uber home in hopes of a wild romp.

Ufff, how unfortunate.

Despite the common social myth, taking your date out for a romantic dinner often leads to a subpar experience in the bedroom. Great food and alcohol  = bad sex. Here’s what happens  – the belly is full and your libido goes almost exclusively towards digesting. Your inner fire that could be devoted exclusively to your lover is now in a relationship with your supper. Granted, you might have loosened up with a few drinks and flexed your flirting skills, but you also dulled your sensual perceptions and diluted your ability to feel and be embodied. Your date probably had this experience as well and is currently trying suck in their belly from two many California rolls.

If you need to loosen up before sex, trying synchronized breathing, eye gazing or walking in nature together.

If you’re worried about being hungry, or run low blood sugar, why not try a finger food feast where you have to feed your beloved each bite. I guarantee you’ll eat fewer mango slices from your partner’s lips because you will most likely be focused on your partner’s lips and the pleasure in your body.

Why not give big dinners before sex a rest or savor in the joys of afternoon delights.

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